who is the "merbabe" behind aqua lagoon?

Growing up in Texas Cassie Maldonado, founder and CEO of Aqua Lagoon Cosmetics, always found herself daydreaming of another world. An offshore magical kingdom full of curvy mermaids with long flowing hair. A Part of her always felt as though she belonged in that world, and so her obsession with mermaids began!

In 2012, Cassie, decided to pack up and move westward to sunny Los Angeles. This Texan goddess has always had an intense love for fashion and experimenting with make-up,  but despite her connoisseur make-up skills, she could never find any products to stick with for long. This inspired her to stop daydreaming and create her own cosmetics line where she could give life to her two primary passions, make up and mermaids! And voilà! Aqua Lagoon Cosmetics was born! Cassie is responsible for all product development with the goal of bringing amazingly addictive products to all of her mermaids out there! Products she knows will become instant faves! She conducted research for almost 2 years on her first product, the eyelash line, before finding the perfect products to enhance the mermaid culture of beauty, comfort, and confidence. And wait till you see the next line of products!

Tell me more about aqua lagoon cosmetics.

Are you "seacretly" a mermaid out of water? We thought so,and girl do we have some dreamy news for you! You don't need a tail to make a splash! Dive into a new era of fabulous with Aqua Lagoon Cosmetics. Let us shower you with that fairytale glow that every merbabe on the go deserves! It's more than just make-up giving your face that sparkle, Aqua Lagoon is your side kick for life! Your enchantingly strong bestie giving you the confidence and special shimmer to take on the world and the seven seas! Everybody's looking for that something that sets them apart and makes them feel special at any time of the day. Let us help you in that endeavor through our magical Aqua Lagoon products.

As we always say down under, if it doesn't make you feel fabulous; don't do it, don't buy it, and don't keep it around! Our products are designed to stir the opposite emotions. You have our commitment in providing products that will make you feel lovely as you enjoy your afternoon sunbathing on a rock in your choice of any of the seven seas.

No two mermaids are the same so own that pretty face of yours, and go out and slay the world!